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RoundPegg brings science to the art of hiring

by DemoPit on March 11, 2011

RoundPegg has automated a proven hiring process to scientifically ensure that every hire you make fits your company’s culture and personality. RoundPegg offers a uniquely tailored solution not just for your company but also for every team.

Your most successful people thrive in your environment for a reason. They share the values that get rewarded, communicate in a manner that gets heard and have the personal attributes that are important to the team’s mission. RoundPegg helps you identify each, creating your company’s and your team’s true markers of success. Slick!


The Top 10 of Everything, Created by Everyone

by DemoPit on March 9, 2011

Top10 is a place where you can create Top 10 lists about the stuff you love, and share them on Twitter and Facebook. Your friends and followers can then remix your list or make their own version. Top 10 amalgamate all of this data into global rankings that it call Masterlists – eventually for every subject under the sun.

This creates a fun, crowd-sourced way to find out the Top 10 of whatever you want!


Asana is an effort to reimagine the way people manage information, a new kind of software product built for the Web from the ground up. With a focus on speed, collaboration, and ease of use, it radically improves the way groups of people work together.

Asana Open House from Jerry Phillips on Vimeo.


Glass created a virtual sheet of ‘Glass’ that lies over the entire internet that’s yours to affect. You can share your thoughts about anything on the web, right in the moment, by literally placing notes and embedding pictures or videos (highlighting text – to come soon) on top of any website. You can share those thoughts with only those you choose.

The Glass app is an extension for both the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. With it you will have all the tools you need to create, check out what your contacts have created for you, and see everything on Glass from anywhere on the internet.


Dinevore is the best way to pick a place to eat. Anyone can use Dinevore to discover, organize, share and map restaurant advice. Users see where friends’ opinions overlap with professional critics and publications and create lists of favorites for friends to follow.

Key Features:

  1. Visualize what’s good near you, no matter where you are
  2. Find restaurants by cuisine, price, neighborhood and proximity
  3. Get recommendations from people who share your taste
  4. Create lists to track places you want to try and share favorites


Top Prospect is a social recruiting site that rewards people who help their friends find jobs. The best introduction to a company is through a trusted referral, which is why every great hire starts with a recommendation. Top Prospect broadens the reach of employers and job seekers by making the recommendation process transparent and accessible. We help you find your talented friends great jobs and get the recognition and rewards you deserve.

Here’s how you get started:

  1. Create a Top Prospect account and connect with LinkedIn or Facebook to invite your friends.
  2. Check out the latest jobs on our site. Top Prospect offer some suggestions about which friends might be a good fit for different roles.
  3. Recommend your friends for positions that might interest them. You can also provide more information about them to help improve our suggestions.


Embed.ly provides a service which makes every URL on the internet embeddable for any website or web application in which it is posted.

Embedly works on the notion that links do not engage users unless they have relevant content around them. There are numerous links moving quickly through the internet everyday via social media and news sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and Reddit. Click-thru rates are being reduced as the amount of links multiply.

Embedly is able to turn links into relevant content which users want in various web applications ranging from websites and blogs to forums and social media sites. When using Embedly a typical Amazon link is transformed into an interesting embedded product listing complete with an image, price and rating. A link to CNN becomes a video, a Flickr link an image, and a Foursquare link a map and venue listing.


Zencoder is an API-based online video encoding service. Zencoder converts videos from your website, application, or video library into formats that are compatible with web playback, mobile phone, or any other device you need to support.

Zencoder allows you to seamlessly integrate your encoding jobs through the Zencoder API. Your videos need to be accessible via the web on a file server or cloud hosting service such as Amazon S3. Using out API Builder, create an encoding job request which directs Zencoder where to find your video, how to encode it, and where to put the resulting output video. See the API builder in your account for more details.  Slick!

Key Features:

  • Can handle hundreds of input video formats, including many that other encoders can’t.
  • Automatically fixes many inherent issues with user-generated content, like A/V syncing.
  • Creates output videos for all major viewing devices, including web and mobile.
  • Little to no queue times. No more waiting in long lines for your encoding job to start.
  • Uses the biggest, baddest encoding machines, with a little sauce on top. So watch us rip through your jobs.
  • SSL encryption included in every version.


Remember the life of a loved one with 1000memories

by DemoPit on February 17, 2011

1000memories.com is a free site that helps people commemorate the life of a loved one by putting everybody’s memories (stories, pictures, video and audio) together, so their lives can be remembered, together, in one place.

1000memories.com is a permanent place where your loved ones’ memory will always be treated with respect and where their memory will be maintained forever.


ScriptPad allows doctors to write prescriptions faster and safer than their current paper process. ScriptPad eliminates deadly prescription writing mistakes that contribute to over 7,000 deaths each year and sends the prescription directly to the patient’s pharmacy.

ScriptPad e-Prescribing Demo from ScriptPad on Vimeo.