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Discover great things through real people on Lunch.com

by DemoPit on August 3, 2009

Lunch.com is a social sharing network fueled by your curiosity. It’s a community where you create and discover genuinely useful information with people who share your interests. Lunch is based on the idea that you’ll have the most meaningful exchanges with people who get your sense of humor, taste in books, love of snowboarding or penchant for Pac-Man.

At Lunch, you can contribute facts and opinions about almost everything. Based on your contributions, Lunch connects you to a similarity network of people who share your opinions and ideas. Through them, you can discover a mystery novel you’ve never heard of, a great local animal hospital, or the best place to buy folding bikes. You get personalized content in the best way — through the right people.

Here’s how Lunch.com works:

Share what you know
Fill out your profile and then create reviews and wikis on whatever your passion. Share the relevant facts (wikis) and opinions (reviews) on what you know, like the best wetsuit or thoughts on the Blackberry Bold.

Rate the quality and helpfulness of what you find
Rate and comment on how helpful other people’s reviews are. Tell us that the praise for Three’s Company is witty and deserves the thumbs up, and that you enjoy reviews that are thought-provoking. Your contributions help us figure out who and what to connect you to.

Connect to people and things relevant to you
Based on your ratings and reviews, Lunch creates a Similarity Network of people who feel the same way you do about Thai food, bowling, and Lost. The people in your network will point you to things that will pique your interest too, so be sure to check out their contributions.

Discover great things through real people
Get a few trusted reviews from your network, rather than 200 reviews from random sources. People in your Similarity Network introduce you to new things or give you opinions on existing interests. Lunch filters out stuff you don’t care about and gives you personalized content through the right people.

See full review on TechCrunch [here]

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