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OtherInbox.com automatically organizes your emails for you

by DemoPit on August 7, 2009

OtherInbox.com builds technology to automatically organize emails from online shopping and social networking sites, enabling users to focus on messages from real people.

OtherInbox’s email product also organizes shipping information, payment reminders, and upcoming sales and places them on your calendar. This all happens in just a few minutes without any software to install or filters to configure.

Few killer features:

  • Daily summary of new unread messages delivered in the previous 24 hours sent to your main inbox
  • Incoming or Outgoing – Send, reply or forward messages from any of your disposable address when or if you need to
  • Keep tabs on Spending – You’ll be able to see where your money is going with easy automatic reporting
  • Never miss a Date – OtherInbox will automatically push important dates to your calendar
  • Automatic recognition and grouping of messages sent from Craigslist and eBay
  • Automatic grouping of mailing list messages
  • Optimized mobile app for iPhone or iPod touch

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