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Powerful personal relationship management app from Connected

by DemoPit on February 7, 2011

Connected is a personal relationship manager that brings all your contacts and conversations together in one place.  Connected aggregates your information from across your email, social networks, calendar, and phone.  Connected keeps your address book up to date by checking for new contacts every day. You are guaranteed to always have a fresh address book.

Connected brings all your contacts and conversations together in one place. It does this automatically so you don’t have to waste time with the basics of building and updating your address book. With integrations into email, social networks, calendar, and phone, Connected is able to build a comprehensive view into all of your relationships. For every contact you can see your entire conversation history, including last email, last phone call, or even last in person meeting. While it will be some time before Connected supports all available services, today it supports a popular subset, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Voice.

Connected gives you the most complete picture of your contacts by integrating data from across the social web. Your contact’s profile automatically includes their latest status updates, photos, work history, mutual friends, and so much more. Instead of manually scouring the web to stay up to date on a contact’s latest happenings, Connected does the work for you.

Connected makes this data actionable to you on a daily basis. Every morning Connected helps you prepare for your day by sending you an agenda of all your meetings and everything you want to know about the people and companies that are attending. In addition, Connected helps you stay in touch by discovering opportunities to reconnect with your network. You’ll never miss a birthday, job change, or other important event again. Connected also lets you quickly see who you’ve lost touch with and even set reminders that proactively notify you when you haven’t talked to someone recently.

Connected currently supports Chrome 6, Firefox 3, Safari 5, and Internet Explorer 7 or 8.

A rather comprehensive app – worth checking it out.

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