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Blazing fast video encoding for your app – Zencoder

by DemoPit on February 17, 2011

Zencoder is an API-based online video encoding service. Zencoder converts videos from your website, application, or video library into formats that are compatible with web playback, mobile phone, or any other device you need to support.

Zencoder allows you to seamlessly integrate your encoding jobs through the Zencoder API. Your videos need to be accessible via the web on a file server or cloud hosting service such as Amazon S3. Using out API Builder, create an encoding job request which directs Zencoder where to find your video, how to encode it, and where to put the resulting output video. See the API builder in your account for more details.  Slick!

Key Features:

  • Can handle hundreds of input video formats, including many that other encoders can’t.
  • Automatically fixes many inherent issues with user-generated content, like A/V syncing.
  • Creates output videos for all major viewing devices, including web and mobile.
  • Little to no queue times. No more waiting in long lines for your encoding job to start.
  • Uses the biggest, baddest encoding machines, with a little sauce on top. So watch us rip through your jobs.
  • SSL encryption included in every version.

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